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Institutions devoted to bryology and lichenology

International Association of Bryologists (IAB)
International Association of Lichenologists (IAL)
American Bryological Lichenological Society - (ABLS)
British Bryological Society (BBS)
British Lichen Society (BLS)
Bryological Association of South Eastern Europe (BASEE)
Bryologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Österreich
Bryologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutschlands (BAD)
Bryologisch-lichenologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mitteleuropa (BLAM)
Bryologische en Lichenologische Werkgroep (Dutch Bryological and Lichenological Society, BLWG)
Finnish Bryological Society (Suomen Sammalseura)
Societa Lichenologica Italiana (Italian Lichen Society, SLI)
Sociedad Espanola de Briología (Spanish Bryological Society, SEB)
Schweizerische Vereinigung für Bryologie und Lichenologie (SVBL)
Mossornas Vänner (Friends of Bryophytes), Sweden
Nordisk Lichenologisk Förening (Nordic Lichen Society, NLF)
Sociedad Latinoamericana de Briología (The Latin American Bryological Society, SLB)
Hattori Botanical Laboratory
The Bryological Society of Japan

IUCN SSC bryophyte specialist group
European Commitee for Conservation of Bryophytes (ECCB)

Discussion forums at the internet

Bryonet and Lichens-L

Other institutions

Česká vědecká společnost pro mykologii (Czech Scientific Society for Mycology)
Správa chráněných krajinných oblastí ČR (Administration of the Protected Lanscape Areas of the CR)
Krkonoąský národní park (Krkonose [Giant Mts] Mts Natl. Park)
Národní park ©umava (Sumava (Bohemian Forest] Natl. Park)
Národní park Podyjí (Podyji (Thayatal] Natl. Park)
Národní park České ©výcarsko (Ceske Svycarsko [Bohemian Switzerland] Natl. Park)

Universities and Institutions

Charles University Prague, Botany Department of the Faculty of Sciences
Masaryk University Brno, Department of Botany
University of South Bohemia České Budějovice
, Department of Botany
Palacky University Olomouc, Department of Botany
University of Ostrava, Department of Botany
Botanical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Průhonice
Botanical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Třeboň
National Museum, botanical department
Národní Museum, mycological department
Moravian Museum Brno, botanical department

Arbeitsgruppe Bryologie der Universität Bonn
MO Botanical Garden - Bryology Home Page
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale , Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy (PEET) program
Laboratorio de briología de la Universidad de Murcia
Laboratori de briologia, Universitat Auto noma de Barcelona
Non-vascular Plants Home Page at Univ. of North Alabama
Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) - includes the 'Lichens and Bryophytes Subprogram' with useful information on available and planned bryological & lichenological publications covering Australia

Index herbariorum
List of herbaria in the Czech Republic with contacts
Worldwide list of Worldwide List of Internet Accessible Herbaria
American Bryophyte Catalogue (NYBG)

BCB (Barcelona)
C (Copenhagen)
FH (The Farlow Herbarium, Harvard)
MICH (University of Michigan) online search of type cryptogams specimens
Oslo - Lichen Herbarium and Bryophyte Herbarium
S (Swedish Museum of Natural History Stockholm), Cryptogamic collections
TRH (NTNU Trondheim)
W (Vienna)

Basic informations about bryological journals
Aktuelle Lichenologische Mitteilungen
Annales Botanici Fennici + Acta Botanica Fennica
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden (Allen Press Online)
Bryologische Rundbriefe
Bryologist (Allen Press Online)
Bryophytorum Bibliotheca
Cryptogamie Bryologie (1999-2001, not updated; latest numbers on
Graphis Scripta
International Lichenological Newsletter
Journal of Bryology
Northwest Lichenologists Newsletter
Nova Hedwigia
The Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory

Zprávy České botanické společnosti
Sborník Národního muzea v Praze, řada B přírodní vědy
Časopis Slezského zemského muzea Opava
Biológia Bratislava

Botanical Electronic News (BEN)

Lichen determination keys by H.Sipman
Lichen Key Archive of E. Peterson
Key to foliicolous lichens and their lichenicolous fungi by R.Lücking

Bibliographical Database of the human uses of lichens
Lichenological research in the Netherlands
Lichenological bibliography

Lichen information system
ITALIC (Information system of Italian lichens)
LIAS (Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes)

Mycological and Lichenological Collection Catalogs

Checklists of Lichens
Index of checklists of lichens and lichenicolous fungi

Checklist of Australian lichens by ABRS
Lichens of North America
Checklist of lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Peru by T.Feuerer
British Isles list of lichens and lichenicolous fungi by B.Coppins et al.
Checklist to the Norwegian lichens
Checklist of the lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Lower Saxony, Germany by M.Hauck
Rote Liste der gefährdeten Flechten in Nordrhein-Westfallen by E.Heibel et al.
Lichenized, lichenicolous and allied fungi of Estonia
Lichens of Latvia by A.Piterans
Lichen biodiversity in Slovenia by J.Prügger
Synonyms of British Lichens by B.Coppins
Genus Caliciales by J. Middelborg
Genus Caloplaca by C.Wetmore
Genus Parmelia by BLS
Lichens of Tirolia
Lichens of Ruhrgebiet
Alphabetical list of lichenized fungi for the six phytogeographical regions of Slovenia

Cliff´s Smith Lichen World - basic web page for lichenologists

E-mail addresses of lichenologists in section Contacts
Lichens and People (inc. e-mail Directory of Mycologists and Lichenologists)
World-wide Directory for Mycology and Lichenology

World of lichens at the Oregon State University
World of lichens (Kochi University, Lab of Plant Taxonomy)
Lichen gallery of U. Kirschbaum
Lichen gallery of Felix Schumm
Gallery from the book 'Lichens of North America'
Gallery of fungi and lichens BIOIMAGES

Recent Literature on Mosses and Hepatics, Missouri Botanical Garden
Bryoflora of Czech Republic ON-LINE
Atlas of Swiss mosses ON-LINE
Catalogue of North American bryophytes in the collections of NY
Bryophyte Flora of North America
Moss Flora of Central America
Mosses of the Andes

Moss Flora of China
Moss Flora of Thailand

Tropical Bryology Research Group
R.H. Zander: Genera of Pottiaceae - online version
Monographic studies of the suborders Fossombroniineae, Pelliineae a Pallaviciniineae at the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Mosses and hepatics of Wales (Alan Hale)
Pages of J. Werner (Luxembourg) , including the checklist, important literature etc.
Bryology meeting at Tenerife
Sphagnum www pages (M. Temsch)
Grimmias of the World (H.Greven)
Phylogeny of bryophytes : web project Tree of Life
Moss pictures by Michael Lüth
Walter Muma: The World of Mosses
Philonotis on F. Schumm and B. Shaw pages
Gallery of bryophytes BIOIMAGES
The collection of autotrophic microorganisms (including mosses and liverworts) in Institute of Botany in Třeboň
A neural classifier for the European foliose liverwort genera BryoBrain
Red Data Listing of European Bryophytes
Bryophyte Population and Landscape Analysis Network "BRYOPLANET"

Code and Indices

International Code of Botanical Nomenklature (Saint Louis Code)
Authors of plant names (Brummitt & Powell 1992) - at Kew or Harvard
Check-list of Non-vascular and Vascular Plants of Slovakia
Internet Directory for Botany
Checklists of lichens
Index of Mosses (MOSs TROPICOS, at the Missouri Botanical Garden)
World Red List
Check- and Red List of the bryophytes of the Czech Republic (2003)

Checklist of Italian mosses
Checklist of Danish Mosses
Checklist of Estonian bryophytes

Check-list of Norwegian mosses

Red list of threatened mosses in Norway

Checklist of Australian liverworts and hornworts

Latin-English dictionary of botanical epithets
Bryological dictionary
Lichenological glossary
Mycological dictionary
Dictionary of fungi, ed. 8 (Hawksworth et al. 1995)
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

GeoNet Names Server
Search for places, streets and other objects in the Czech Republic
Austrian Map online
Get-a-map (Ordnance Survey, UK)
Map of
Estonia online
German-Czech dictionary of local names


Curiosities and other interesting informations
Adits beneath Mt. Snezka
Mosses in BBC news!
Preparation of permanent microscope slides
Velká kotlina - pictures from the Czech Republic best botany sites, enjoy!

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