Who are we?

Czech Botanical Society (CBS) is the only national organization that joins citizens with botanical interests in broadest sense (floristics, systematics, vegetation botany, plant ecology, plant protection etc.). It is an organization of professionals, amateurs, students and interested persons in nature. Sections are internal constituents of the CBS gathering members with particular interests. Section members need not to be CBS members.

Bryological and Lichenological Section of the CBS joins professionals and amateurs with particular interest in bryophytes and/or lichens. It offers help to non-
professionals and supports their professional growth. Aim of the section is promoting knowledge about the global development in bryology and lichenology, new trends, literature, professional meetings etc. Within the Czech Republic, the B-L Section strives to boost both disciplines, co-ordinate research and international co-operation. In order to realize its goals, it organizes various excursions, determination courses, lectures, meetings etc. The linking matter for the section members and the information source is the bulletin BRYONORA, issued twice a year.
The Section currently joins some 100 members from both the Czech Republic and abroad.

Selected activities held by the B-L Section of the CBS:

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